Ms Zeno The Mojo Queen | "Back In Love"


Ms Zeno The Mojo Queen | "Back In Love"


“A deep soul vocalist with a tough-timbred delivery reminiscent of vintage-era Mavis Staples, backed here by a horn-driven studio ensemble that sometimes sounds as if its been beamed to us through a time warp from 1968.

Stax and Hi (or at least Willie Mitchell) are the obvious influences for a lot of these tracks, although in places Zeno gets considerably rootsier than those references might suggest. She displays an admirable vocal and emotional range, from churchy ecstasy to soul-baring intensity.”

- Living Blues

  1. Back in Love

  2. In My Shoes

  3. That’s How I Know

  4. Willie Brown

  5. Mojo Queen

  6. Rise Up

  7. Love is like a Flower

  8. Call My Name (feat. Gene Jackson)

  9. Gotta Get Paid

  10. Mistress

  11. Hot Sauce

  12. Father Time

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