Gotta have the right tool...

  • our main recording rig is a hybrid analogue/digital setup centered around:
    • Toft ATB 24 mixing console
    • antelope orion 32 ad/da converters
    • mac pro with logic pro x
    • 100% custom-build high end cabling
  • we have a variety of high end microphones ranging from vintage to new:
    • many amazing ribbon mics
    • large diaphragm tube condensors
    • classic dynamic mics
  • some select outboard gear:
    • rupert neve master bus processor
    • a pair of warm audio eqp-wa's
    • universal audio la-610
    • RCA op-6
    • AEA TRP and VPQ pre's
    • golden age audio pre-73 (neve clone)
    • vintage ampex 351 tube preamps (3)
  • instruments:
    • lots of guitars
    • basses, electric and upright
    • keyboards: hammond m3, Wurlitzer electric piano, baldwin acrosonic piano
    • ludwig and pearl drums, lots of vintage cymbals, numerous snare drums
  • support:
    • the studio has a wide network of professional musicians/singers to draw from
    • Check out Paul's page for more info on the many instruments he can add to your tracks
    • in-house graphic design and photography available
    • our goal is to help you complete your project beautifully in any way we can

Plus much more, call for details