RJ Soul Bag
Gene’s new CD is one that you both should be proud of. An added bonus for attendees was the appearance and performance of Roland Johnson. Both Gene and Roland are important parts of St Louis musical history. You are to be commended for giving a voice for the original music of the two St Louis Giants.
— Charles Max E. Million
The finest album so far this year by miles. Southern soul with a toe in the contempory side of things and most definitely a nod to all things great and black from back in the day.
— Brian Goucher, UK Vibe
This is the second release from Blue Lotus Recordings, a new label based in St. Louis. Multi-instrumentalist Paul Niehaus IV comes up with another strong release that he co-produced, along with drummer Kevin O’Connor, for singer Gene Jackson. Their first release, Roland Johnson’s Imagine This, showed that Niehaus had a deep understanding and appreciation for soul music. In Johnson and Jackson, he found two veteran singers who remained criminally undiscovered outside of their local market.
— Mark Thomas, Blues Blast Magazine
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