Blue Lotus Soul Revue

Featuring Roland Johnson and Gene Jackson


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In Johnson and Jackson, he found two veteran singers who remained criminally undiscovered outside of their local market.
Listeners are treated to a wide-ranging program that samples the sounds that once rang out of Detroit, down to Memphis, and finally Muscle Shoals, AL.
— Blues Blast Magazine

“The voice of Gene Jackson is remarkably highlighted. Everything is perfect! This CD should allow Gene Jackson to come out of the shadows. With the power of the internet for broadcast, the whole world should discover it. And this gives hope for a good tour for the future. Personally, I dream of a “Blue Lotus All Stars” tour that would include Gene Jackson, Roland Johnson and Renee Smith for the European summer festivals.”

“Attention! This is a masterpiece. I can’t say enough about this CD. Roland Johnson’s velvet voice, is exceptional in its feel, its texture, its tone. It is a warm voice, sensual and full, that combines suppleness and power, and is perfectly at home in every circumstance.”

“You can imagine he’ll be invited to the biggest blues and soul festivals on both sites of the Atlantic in the months and years to come. This CD is a true marvel, a nugget of ten all-original tracks with the potential to become future standards.”

-Docteur Blues (France)

"The finest album so far this year by miles. Southern soul with a toe in the contempory side of things and most definitely a nod to all things great and black from back in the day."

"Every year collecting soul music throws up a number of surprises. Blue Lotus have done it to me twice recently with Roland Johnson and Gene Jackson. A ten-tracker of immense quality and stature, a southern soul masterpiece."

"the type you can put on without skipping any tracks...Once again we have a lovely warm southern feel utilising real instruments"

-U.K. Vibe (United Kingdom)

"a very pleasant surprise for anyone who loves old school R&B...roland possesses a rich, melismatic tenor voice that deserves to be heard"

"Sweet voiced Roland Johnson has been a local favorite on the St. Louis soul-blues scene for decades"

"Full of old-school soul, this project is a keeper. Kudos to Niehaus for giving Gene Jackson the opportunity to release his first recording. He makes the most of it, using his vibrant voice and deliberate phrasing to inject love, hope, pain, and vulnerability into each track."

-Blues Blast Magazine

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Roland and Gene were both nominated for 2017 Blues Blast Music Awards!

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