Walter Greiner | "Live from the St. Francois Mountains, Vol. 1"

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Walter Greiner | "Live from the St. Francois Mountains, Vol. 1"

  1. Jack Rabbit

  2. Mama

  3. Greenback Dollar

  4. I Only Want To Be With You

  5. How Blue Are The Blues

  6. Praise

  7. Island

  8. Joshua Tree

  9. Friar’s Point

  10. Outlaws

  11. The Ghost of Gaslight Square

  12. Crossroads

  13. Mother’s Song

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    This recording was made on May 28, 2018. This date happened to be both Memorial Day and Walter Greiner’s 65th birthday. The location was a rustic cabin in the St. Francois Mountains. These mountains rise over the Ozark Plateau and date to the Precambrian era. Like the geological formations, Walter Greiner has been waiting a long, long time for this album to materialize.

    Walter was born in Doe Run, a tiny town in Southern Missouri, about 30 miles from the cabin. At a young age his family moved to Saint Louis. When Walter reached 15 years old he ran away from home, setting out on the road, hitchhiking all the way to Berkely, California. In his late teens he joined the U.S. Army, and after basic training served his time in Germany.

    Walter is a true undiscovered authentic folk master. A prolific writer, if asked how many songs he’s written, he’ll answer “I have no idea”, though the number is in the 100’s. He always humbly says that “the Song more writes the man, than the man the Song”. This album is his first official release. At the time of the recording Walter hadn’t performed in public in over 20 years.

    Walter comes from a long line of hard-working simple folk. He is earnestly working to make the most of this late-in-life revival. His ambitions are to tour the world playing his music. “The Road goes on Forever”

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