Bob Kamoske | "Lost Time"


Bob Kamoske | "Lost Time"

  1. Lost Time

  2. Lonely Nights

  3. Once or Twice

  4. Lie, Lie, Lie

  5. Half a Chance

  6. Slip Away and Come to me

  7. Hang My Head and Cry

  8. Holding you Tonight

  9. Where the River Flows

  10. Sitting Back in the Gates of Eden

  11. Alley Ghost

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All songs written and performed by Bob Kamoske.

Recorded and mixed by Bob Kamoske and Paul Niehaus IV at Blue Lotus Studio in St. Louis, MO.

Mastered by Chris Latham at the Gorilla’s Nest in Nashville, TN.

Produced by Bob Kamoske and Paul Niehaus IV

Art direction, graphic design, and photography by Jackie Teuber.

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