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blue lotus recordings as a record label is all about making world-class original roots music with some of the finest performers in saint Louis and beyond. highly collaborative and artist-friendly, we strive to help bring our artists to new places creatively and professionally.

forming our record label was done with the intention of providing artists a fair way to make a great album with little to no upfront cost and a back-end deal that benefits all involved parties fairly; musicians working together to create timeless music independent of corporate pressures.

Most of the songs so far have been created similarly: we start with nothing, no ideas...and soon enough a riff or a couple chord changes come. pulling upon that thread, We flesh out a song form and add instrument by instrument. Before long a song emerges and the artist takes the track home to listen until they've written a melody and lyrics. This process is proving time and again to be very fruitful.

Saint Louis has a rich yet underrated catalogue of quality blues, soul, and R&B. oliver sain was the recording impresario of saint louis for decades. we aim to revive his efforts in our own way and continue the tradition of innovative and creative original saint louis music.

Ms Zeno The Mojo Queen: "Back In Love"
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This is the best Soul to hit the Music Boxes for such a long Time. Rufus Thomas must be smiling down on you
— Carl Blue Wise
Attention! This is a masterpiece. I can’t say enough about this CD. Roland Johnson’s velvet voice, is exceptional in its feel, its texture, its tone. It is a warm voice, sensual and full, that combines suppleness and power, and is perfectly at home in every circumstance.
— Jocelyn Richez
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